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What my mission is for health

Importance of Holistic Herbal Health

Herbal medicine is easily obtained, more affordable and natural. Everything from common cold to life-threading conditions and disease such as cancer, liver failure, heart disease and so many more have been reported for centuries to be successfully treated and in many cases cured. Did you know more than 25% of  pharmaceutical drugs have been derivited from natural plants and roots but added synthetics that can cause adverse effects to the disease? Herbal remedies utilize the bodies natural healing process and ward of further ailments. 

Consultations to assess all physical and mental wellbeing

All personal and sensitive issues discussed in a peaceful and no judgement session. Educated in all aspects of disease and mental health prevention. My goal is to help in the areas you desire to change or manage. One on one discussion, informing you and educating on the quality of life through customized herbs  best fit for you needs. Together we can create a healthier state of mind and body with increased immunity and overall reduction of toxicity and free radicals. Living a fulfilled life is measured by peace, good health and stability through quality of mind and body awareness. [MINDFULLNESS]

Real Testimonies

I was battling Kidney disease for 8 years and was just thrown more medications  to create more co pays and more systems failing from medicines. Heather not only showed me the way to stabilize my disease , she also got me off of blood pressure medication.

Justin Tyler 

I do not claim to cure any desease nor deter from medical physicians treatments.

We will work together with your primary care health plan. Contraindication forms and releases discussed at first session.  


Will you supply me with the proper teas and herbs after our session? 

YES! We will begin your path with all appropriate measures.

Are the herbs and supplements included in price of session?

NO , all clients needs are different and may qualify for more personal mixtures and also give the client the opportunity to buy themselves

Do you have a large selection of herbs and supplements for you to customize or is there a waiting period?

Yes, I have a large vast inventory of  over 1000 herbs and constantly re stocking with only organic No GMO or unsustainable products. I can track ever root to its source. 

Life changing awareness

What does it all mean?

the term Ayurveda  means the knowledge of healthy life or  Science of life .In Sansktit Ayurveda is made up of two meanings....[ayus] means life, and Veda which means knowledge of science 

Basics of health care

Diseases are due to improper eating and lifestyle!  Ignoring  ones special body type , environment and age

human bodies have the powers to heal itself

Uniqueness of ayurveda

Totally safe, emphasis on  preventative medicine

Effective treatment in detoxification 

Herbal cures for the diseases 

Treatments and Goals

Personal Therapeutic mixtures

Individual customization of Ayurvedic and Ancient Chinese medicine

natural organic and sustainable plant herbs to help improve, cure and calm ailments and disease



CAT CLAW  -treats arthritis, may fight cancer, proven to repair DNA and lowers blood pressure, just to name a few of its wonders

PIPPALI- helps digestive issues, poor circulation, premature ejacualtion, parasites, just to name a few

ASHWAGANDHA- uses for thyroid disease, lowers cor and adrenal glan deseases

TRIPHALA- rejuvenates tissue slowing the aging process. Natural antioxidant 

One on One conversations on what is physically or emotionally hurting.

After our session you will receive your teas and supplies we discussed and follow up on the improvements 

Throughout history/holistic medicines including TCM believe most of the herbs are adaptogen herbs.

these medicines heal Inflammation and help us deal with stress which leads to damaging bloof vessels 

holistic herbs use a combination of spiritual potency and essence of immortality

it ties success,well-being, divine power and longevity.

Mind and Body Healing allows you to cure from within as proper natural remedies cure

For thousands of years ancient India and China had knowledge of self awareness, mindfulness and body and soul alchemy. My mission is to guide you on the path for optimal recovery, better understanding of holistic practices, and detoxify complicated environmental toxins.

so many special herbs like Reishi mushrooms enhance immune response,

 Suppressing vascular endothelial growth factors this fungi fights cancer with a vengeance 


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